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Only Death Can Save Us 2

"Russ Leach’s ONLY DEATH CAN SAVE US is the type of comic I like to read; a high-concept roller coaster ride of compelling characters, and balls-to-the wall action! A throw back to the sort of fun and entertainment that comics used to be known for!"

Editor in Chief, MERC Publishing
Darkwing Duck, Deathrage,
HBO’s Young Justice, Warcraft

Following on from theroller coaster events of the award winning first book, Dee and Chrissy return from the beyond to find a resurgent evil and millions of missing human souls!

The story firmly plants itself in the all ages readership audience with Ex-Marvel Editor Tim Quinn guiding the art and story duties of 'Batman', 'Dr Who' and 'Marvel artist' Russ Leach and award winning writer Rik Hoskin, in a tale that is in many ways a love letter to the way comics used to be!

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